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Flixonase - fluticasone proprionate - 50mcg - 120 Sprays Flonase/​Flixonase fluticasone proprionate Brand New Zealand 50mcg 120 Sprays OTC $18.76 Add
Flixonase - fluticasone proprionate - 50mcg - 360 Sprays Flonase/​Flixonase fluticasone proprionate Brand New Zealand 50mcg 360 Sprays OTC $51.94 Add
Flixonase - fluticasone proprionate - 50mcg - 720 Sprays Flonase/​Flixonase fluticasone proprionate Brand New Zealand 50mcg 720 Sprays OTC $90.90 Add

Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional. Brands and generics both contain the same active ingredient(s) and are medically equivalent. Some brands are marketed under different names by the same manufacturing country depending on the country of origin.

Flonase has become a very popular drug in the treatment of allergy symptoms. Allergies affect millions of people throughout the world and can make you very miserable. Severe allergies can make it hard to even step foot outside and make it very hard to function. Flonase has made it easier for people who suffer from these allergies. Flonase is also used to treat other conditions as your doctor may see fit. Before taking the drug Flonase, it is always best to arm yourself with all the information possible on the drug.

Typically in order to get the drug Flonase, you will have to have a prescription from your doctor. However there are places online that will allow you to purchase the drug and sometimes it can be cheaper than the pharmacy price. Make sure that if you decide to purchase your drug online that you check the company out thoroughly. There are companies out there that will scam you. You may wind up with a fake medication, a medication that will hurt you, or your medication may never come and you will never see the money you paid for it again. Also remember that you should discuss taking any drug with your doctor before taking it. You should make sure that it will not interfere with any other medications that you are on and that you will not have any adverse affects from taking the drug.

Once you talk to your doctor and he or she has told you it would be ok to take the medication if necessary you can search for an online site that is respectable and has a good history. One of these is the New Zealand website called Kiwi Drug. This site will allow you to purchase the drug online and have it shipped directly to your home. While New Zealand allows Flonase to be sold over the counter and the United States FDA will allow for an import of personal use not all countries practice this. Always check and make sure that your country and local laws allow you to purchase this drug and have it imported in. If you have the medication shipped without permission or if you ship it while it is illegal to do so in your country, you could be facing fines or even jail time. It is always better safe than sorry, so make sure that you check thoroughly with the laws of your country.

Flonase is mainly used for the treatment of allergies that come from many different allergens including dust, pollen, and mold. However Flonase has been used to treat other issues such as asthma and can also come in a topical form to treat psoriasis and other skin conditions. The dosage depends on what you are using the drug for and how much your doctor thinks that you should be taking. Most commonly it is prescribed in 50mg dose sprays. This spray is placed up your nose once or twice a day depending on the severity of your allergies. Make sure that when you spray Flonase up your nose that you tilt your head back for a few minutes to make sure that the drug is getting up into your sinuses well. You should start to feel relief from your allergies within a few days. Some people have reported that they have felt better soon after spraying the very first dosage.

The side effects of Flonase are generally mild. You may experience a headache, backache, sore throat, or have a stinging, or burning nose and sinuses right after you spray. More severe symptoms that could be signs of an allergic reaction are rashes, severe headache, skin infection, throat infection, or any symptom that you may not think is right. If you experience a symptom that warrants an allergic reaction, you should get to your doctor or emergency room immediately. While an allergic reaction is rare, it is always a possibility and a severe allergic reaction can harm you severely and even cause end of life. Make sure that you know the signs of an allergic reaction so that you can know if it is happening to you.

Like with many different drugs, Flonase is not without a chance of long term effects. If you take the drug for a prolonged amount of time you could place yourself at risks for different things. Flonase is a corticosteroid and these can slow healing with wounds. Never use Flonase if you have a nose sore or open wound in your nose. Prolonged use can also cause eye issues like blurry vision and more severe conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma. Make sure that you see your eye doctor at least once a year to rule out any issues with your eyes. Your immune system may also be compromised when you are taking this drug for a long period of time. Try to avoid any chance of infection by washing your hands frequently and by using good hygiene. Long term use of Flonase can cause growth issues in children. If your child is prescribed Flonase it is best to have their growth rate checked at regular intervals. Never give a child Flonase without first talking to a doctor or allergy specialist. Flonase can help children but a child that is prescribed Flonase must be under a doctor's care at all times do to the risk of growth in children while using this drug.

While there may be some side effects and long term risks with the drug Flonase, many individuals have decided that the relief from their allergies is much better than it was without taking the medication and that the risks are minimal if you keep in touch with your doctor. Always make sure that you advise your doctor of any changes while taking Flonase. If you decide to purchase Flonase online, make sure that you adhere to all the laws and make sure that you check the company that is selling the drugs to you. Being safe and getting your allergy medication is very important. Remember to talk to your doctor before taking any drug, including over the counter medication.



For over two years now, I have been trying to get something for my airborn allergies. Central Texas Veterans Health Care does not offer Flonase although I have used it before with GREAT results in nor...thern Texas and Oklahoma. Now I have a source of supply at bargain basement costs. Thanks for being here! And, Shame on you Veterans Health Care! Best product on the market and you do not offer it?

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May 20, 2014



Where do I start, ok, as a child I had chronic ear infections, and as an adult also, come to find out I have a deviated septum , with allergies , so Flonese keeps it all clear, where as antibiotics ar...e not needed, very helpful for me.

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Sep 25, 2013



Just received my order of this today. I am very pleased! In the US, one requires a prescription for this drug, with also requires a pricey visit to a Dr. annually. My allergies are ongoing and this... is the only drug that works. With no health insurance, it is too expensive for me to continue going to a doctor annually to get the prescription AND to get the drug on a monthly basis. (almost double the price in the US without insurance!) What a great find that I found this online pharmacy on the other side of the globe that can legally ship me the exact same drug that is the exact same quality!!! I can breathe again!!!! Thank you Kiwi Drug!!!! I will be ordering more!!!

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Sep 24, 2013



One of the best products on the planet. (if it works for you) For controlling allergies. Awesome price. You couldnt even get in to see a doctor to have a script written for flonase for what it co...sts here. $20 a month more or less to be able to breathe.. Where in the usa i would be paying around $100 for the months supply PLUS an $80 office visit to be told 'yep you have allergies, take this'. Me with my yellow pollen covered car thanks everyone involved here because i get to breathe.... Breathing is... good.

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May 14, 2013



Allergies have been killing me. I take a Zyrtec every night but it's not enough. Finally found kiwidrug and Flonase and I'm in heaven! I highly recommend this product.

Apr 19, 2013



Do not confuse it with Nasonex. It has entirely different ingredients. I hold the Nasonex label in my hand as I read this page. However does Flonase work. Yes. But not the same as Nasonex for some.

Feb 15, 2013

Phil Muhlfelder


If you are like me and suffer from nasal polyps (constant nasal drip, inability to breath through the nose) give Flonase a try. Within days of first usage the little red devils were extradited. Occa...sional use of Flonase afterwards keeps me breathing well with no nasal drip. The constant ingestion of the nasal drip was not doing my health any favors. Kiwi Drug and Flonase have saved me from pneumonia. Plus, no fat cat doctor's wallet was further fattened: i.e. no tricky surgery has to be performed.

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Nov 15, 2012



I am thrilled,thrilled thrilled with not only the product I ordered, but with the delivery time. I have had severe allergies for over twenty years, and have not been able to breath normally. I was boxes of tissues in stacks of twelve weekly. And sleeping? I had forgotten what it was like to sleep normally without putting a tissue on the pillow to catch the running sinus drainage. I had to make sure I positioned myself just right so that at least one nostril would semi-drain to allow me to breath while I tried to sleep. Of course, this also set me up for constant sinus infections caused by the incessant irritation from the allergies. Your product is wonderful, the delivery was FAST and the cost is absolutely the best anywhere! I can't think of any more superlatives to express my complete satisfaction. Thank you for giving us an option- just don't ever go away!

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Sep 24, 2012

T. Estevez


I've ordered the Flixonase from Kiwi Drug on several occasions. Each time shipping to the US has been very quick. Their price is so much better than I can get buying US Branded Flonase WITH my prescri...ption insurance. The quality of the Flixonase is top notch.

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Jul 24, 2012

Brian Gast


Only medicine that works for me,was shipped in 8 days to the US. WILL order again.

May 12, 2012

Steve Sauer


I was born with allergies (literally). I took shots for over 30 years, and I don't think they ever helped me. Life was miserable. I could not go outside, but I had to deal with dust inside. Some o...f you know what it is like to go through a box of kleenex in a day. Prayers went unanswered until three years when I discovered a doctor who knew how to help. I have been allergy free ever since even to the point of cutting grass without any mask. For me, this is a great product.

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Aug 29, 2011

Drew in Seattle


Was a little skeptical of buying online from an overseas supplier. I was desperate. Allegra this year? No chance, only was drying me out. Zyrtec.. didn't make a dent. Claritin, maybe would help for a ...few hours this year. There's no rhyme or reason to my allergies and this year was BAD. Honestly within 3 days, my nose was and still is about 85% clear now. No running, I think I've sneezed a dozen times in the last month vs in an hour and this has totally enables me to go outside and breathe at night again.. Seriously.. Thank You.

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May 6, 2011

David A. Summers


After years of chronic nasal congestion (made worse by pollen), I think I've finally found something that works as well as I could hope for. And, after using it regularly for a couple of weeks, it se...emed to me that amount needed every day began to decrease. The price is a bargain, in my opinion.

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Mar 8, 2011



Works great. Excellent price. is a valuable resource. Thx

Dec 26, 2010



Great product, great price, great delivery time

Jul 15, 2010

Glenn Hutchinson


Worked as advertised. A great way to kick the Afrin nasal spray habit!!

Jun 2, 2009

Same Kiwi, new look! Old Site.